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Promoting the Classic Engineering Industry through networking, knowledge-sharing, training and education

Tony Southgate (President)

Tony Southgate

Welcome to the International Guild of Specialist Engineers

I was very pleased to become The International Guild’s President, when founder Michael Scott offered me the opportunity. My views and sympathies towards British craftsmen and engineers, the unsung heroes of the industry, are parallel to Michael’s and I share his enthusiasm for the idea of creating more apprenticeships to maintain Britain’s dominance in the field of motor sport, racing and classic car restoration and maintenance.

I have spent many years endeavouring to improve the image of “The Engineer”, in this country, to the eyes of the non-engineering sector, with modest success. We are making headway, but slowly.

Back in the late 1950s I was part of the old school of engineering apprenticeship schemes, where a very comprehensive 5-year training would be received in all the relevant principal matters. My apprenticeship certainly helped me to move into the world of motor racing with the confidence that I could cope with most engineering problems which might be thrown at me.

It was an expensive system to run but the companies could justify this with the knowledge that at the end of the process, they would have access to a new breed of engineer, train and qualified to help them progress. Foreign competition forced many of these companies to abandon these schemes in order to cut costs and become more efficient. As a result, apprenticeships became rarer to find and fewer qualified British engineers. A new initiative to change the current situation can only be welcome.

We have the task of explaining to those outside the industry that qualified engineers help generate money and wealth for this country, supporting the manufacturing industry for which the UK is famous.

Tony Southgate, The International Guild President

Michael Scott (Founder)

How it all started

I really believe that, in this country, we have the finest engineers in the world. I also believe that they should receive greater recognition and support: this is the purpose of The Guild.

The International Guild is a body representing the unique collection of talents restoring and maintaining a fabulous heritage of road, race and rally cars, not only in the United Kingdom but across the world.

England is the birthplace of the artisan craftsman, particularly where the restoration and maintenance of classic racing cars is concerned. Some recognition, nurture and promotion may be overdue.

We need to pass the knowledge accumulated over the centuries on to future generations if we’re to preserve our automotive past. Some cars are reaching values similar to fine art masterpieces, yet painters and art historians seem to get more appreciation than car makers and the engineers who cherish and preserve historic vehicles.

The International Guild of Specialist Engineers has a clear purpose: to represent the interests of those individuals and companies who, with their specialist expertise, keep many rare and priceless vehicles on road and track, giving pleasure not only to their owners but also to the public.

The idea of setting up The Guild dawned on me back in 1998. The project has required time and effort to come together, but thanks to the help of many colleagues and fellow enthusiasts, it was launched in 2013. Looking back, many lessons have been learnt, The International Guild of Specialist Engineers has moved on with projects, events, networking, reciprocal visits, many new Members, very active Preferred and Commercial Partners and a fully-operational Apprenticeship Scheme.

Michael Scott, The International Guild Founder

The Guild represents and supports specialist engineers, businesses and service providers in the motorised historic and classic transport industry

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